An afternoon of romances by French composers

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2019-09-22 16:00 To 18:00


Festival "Operetta in Kaunas Castle" presents concert "An afternoon of romances by French composers"

With the participation of Ieva Goleckytė, Rita Preikšaitė, Povilas Padleckis, Giedrius Prunskus, Laimonas Salijus (accordionist) and String Quartet.

A dreamy afternoon The autumn program of the festival introduces the audience with romance and song. September 22 4 pm In Birštonas Kurhaus, listeners are invited to a concert "An afternoon of romances by French composers". On the dreamy paths of French chanson towards the inexhaustible kingdom of Love and sincere feelings, the audience will be led by a team of performers radiating romantic feelings: soloists - Ieva Goleckytė (soprano), Rita Preikšaitė (mezzo-soprano), Povilas Padleckis (tenor), Giedrius Prunsk - Asta Markevičienė (violin I), Rita Bieliauskaitė (violin II), Rūta Stasiulevičienė (viola), Solveiga Vėbraitė (cello) and accordion virtuoso Laimonas Salijus. The program was composed and will be led by singer Giedrius Prunskus, who says that the sound of the French language seems to cause mild feelings to many. And the songs performed in this charming language, without understanding the meaning of the words, evoke affectionate senses, in other words, sing about the sublime feeling of love. This is also the case with the special French chanson, whose origins date back to the Romantic era and whose popularity has not faded to this day. A centuries-old tradition of hearing the term "French chanson," many associate the term with the names of Edith Piaf, Joe Dassino or Mireille Mathieu. G. Prunskus agrees that such thoughts are true, but do we all know that the circumstances of the birth of French Chanson are still linked to the Renaissance, which had a major influence on French culture and music in particular. With the formation of national French culture, this genre has become a herald of this culture. It was then a polyphonic song that echoed the ideals of the French humanists Francois Rabelais, Clement Marot, Pierre de Ronsard, and one of the most prominent songwriters heard by many in the 16th century. mid-composer Clement Janequin. So, chanson has been around for almost five hundred years. It is not surprising, therefore, that its character has modulated over the years, and many of the most famous French composers have from time to time turned to this genre and enriched their creative heritage with immaculate songs with unbroken French charm. 20th century In the middle of the 19th century, Chanson underwent a new renaissance and became almost a generic term for popular French music. The genre is first and foremost distinguished by its specific rhythm and its charming, even peculiar linguistic timbre. Inviting a meeting with a charming French song, G. Prunskus promises a colorful journey through the expanses of the chanson genre from the classicist era through the dreamy meadows of romantic music to the present day. Listeners will learn a lot of fun: how the eighteenth century a French song influenced Elvis Presley's creation, why neighboring Spain seems to the French an exotic country, how a comedy piece can become a worldwide hit, how the chanson genre invades movie soundtracks and what Edith Piaf sings when she lacks words.

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