Canoe rental "Verknės vingis"

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Resort, kayak rental is located on the bank of the river Verknė. Verknė is a river in southern Lithuania, in Trakai and Prienai districts. It starts under the name Galaverknė in Trakai district, 5 km west of Rūdiškės, in Aukštadvaris regional park. Flowing into the very upper reaches of Lake Vilkokšnis, it acquires the name Verknė. It flows very meandering in a westerly, north-westerly, south-westerly direction through the Siena, Negasčius, Nava and several other smaller lakes. It flows into the Nemunas 2 km northeast of Birštonas, above the Birštonas loop, 285 km from the mouth of the Nemunas.

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