Čiulba ulba - organizers of entertainment and events

leisure organizer / education / entertainment for children

Čiulba ulba - entertainment and leisure organizers, invites you to organize a family, friends or work team trip, have a fun and memorable time "Čiulba ulba" - entertain, surprise, enjoy!

Čiulba ulba in Birštonas offers a variety of themed entertainment collections to suit everyone's taste and desires:
Oriental themed games
Footprints of Vytautas the Great
Interwar Romances
Both small and large

and other entertainment sets available at:

We organize holidays:
Dinner for corporate groups
Happy Holidays
Children's Birthdays
and other celebrations - birthdays, family, colleagues, friends and even ... even matchmaking.

The Čiulba ulba entertainment organizers not only offer pre-formed entertainment packages, but also, on request, individual entertainment according to the needs, age and time of the entertainers: your /
Some entertainment is available in English and Russian.

Have fun and make sure that Birstonas can surprise you!