Homestead "Krakila"

rural tourism

Homestead "Krakila" is situated in the Nemunas Loops Regional Park, near a forest, surrounded by the harmony of tranquillity and nature, at a distance of hardly 13 km from one of the most beautiful Lithuanian resorts, Birštonas. A centuries-old homestead has preserved its authenticity and uniqueness, enchanting visitors by nature’s beauty and tranquillity. The homestead respects the privacy of every guest.

The homestead is suitable for celebration of the most significant occasions and meetings of friends and relatives, as well as organisation of various trainings and seminars. Adult and children camps are also organised in this large territory.


In addition, the homestead perfectly suits families seeking peaceful relaxation.

It offers two 50-seat and 20-seat banquet halls.

A newly renovated, 100 years old house with a 50-seat hall has all amenities: air conditioner, showers, WC, fully equipped kitchen, 5 sleeping rooms and an exceptional room for newlyweds or special guests on the second floor.

There is an outdoor hot tub with a capacity of 12 persons in the yard, on the bank of the pond, a sauna and a 20-seat hall with audio equipment, and three sleeping rooms on the second floor. The homestead may receive up to 50 persons at a time. Wi-Fi connection is available in the entire territory.

Playgrounds are equipped (swings, climbers, a basketball and volleyball court) for the youngest guests. Fishing is allowed in the pond.

The homestead also offers catering and transportation services.

Guests may order the following entertainment services at the homestead: canoeing, rafting along the River Nemunas, Tarzan zipline across the River Nemunas, jeep safari, quadricycle ATV rides, hot-air balloon flights, airplane flights, gliding, yoga classes with instructors from the Lithuanian Yoga Association.

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