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ESĖ – New Story

Hotel – SPA – GastroPub for the millennial generation and everybody who sympathize with them. 
Located in a city park, hence suitable for families, individuals, couples – everyone.

•    You will not find: calm colours, unpretentious furniture, a harmony of material textures.
•    You will find: different rooms (as many as 40 for your choice), a surprise for children aged 0 to  years in the room, a photogenic environment and simply a good atmosphere.
•    Book, check in and check out online using your smartphone, choose a room, get a door lock code and pay. There are no ushers at the reception who are nevertheless absent when you need them most.
•    Arts, arts, arts.

•    You will be provided with an opportunity of real-time monitoring of SPA space busyness (why should you jostle with others when you can freely swim the dolphin style?) on your smartphone or on the screen at SPA.
•    There are three saunas, but we know that SPA is not only about a sauna and a hot tub, thus four relaxation rooms are out there for you. We will massage any tensions out of your back and clear your mind of the tangled mess of thoughts.
•    There is one ordinary pool for good swimmers, one Jacuzzi, and one warm paddling-wading pool for kids.
•    Arts, arts, arts.

•    Those who are dead with hunger will be provided with substantial and fresh meals. Products are supplied from Lithuania’s organic farms.
•    Moderately hungry customers will be offered really good snacks and a drink menu.
•    Those who prefer something light and refreshing will be able to choose from healthy cocktails, vegan cakes, something exotic and maybe crunchy.
•    Workationers will be offered uninterrupted WiFi at an isolated table. We promise not to bother you with questions “Is everything ok?”
•    Lively evenings after 9 p.m. with a DJ and other interesting people.
•    Arts, arts, arts.

Come and write your #NewStory.

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