The new app will turn the trip into a game: you haven't drove to Birštonas like this yet

2020/12/01 Press release

A new app, Ulba Go, will be launched on Tuesday, and those who download it will look at travel and the familiar country with different eyes. To overcome the proposed routes, you will need to both turn your head and take a sharp look.

Fun links will tear three cities

According to Virginija Pranckietė, the head of Čiulba ulba, it all started in Birštonas, because the team has already created a number of different routes here, and Kaunas is the nearest city and the birthplace of Virginia, according to the company's press release. The woman here loves to discover new places, says she has always dreamed of creating exciting walking routes and orienteering games.

"Although we started our activity with thematic routes on foot, now that we are moving to a virtual space, especially considering the current situation, where safe family entertainment is important for people, we want to offer routes and cars. In this app we present the routes for travel by car from Kaunas to Birštonas, so that this road would be picturesque, more interesting, different than usual. It may take longer, but it is possible to gather about 10 stops in unexpected places ", - intrigues V. Pranckietė.

First of all, the user of the app chooses the city - from Tuesday, Kaunas, Birštonas and Vilnius will be included. The three cities are currently connected by Birštonas, which is the final stop, and later separate routes will be introduced in each of the cities.

The type of sightseeing trip is selected according to the city, topic, duration, mode of movement - on foot or by car. Ulba Go will start with six free routes that you can try offline.

According to V. Pranckietė, there are plans to expand the app, draw interesting roads from other Lithuanian settlements, so after installing the app and trying out the first routes, it is worth keeping it for the future, because gradually more and more routes will appear.

Move forward only if certain conditions are met

"Ulba Go", notes V. Pranckietė, is not a guide when you know the whole itinerary in advance and just visit the stops. The game has a surprise factor, because only after completing the first task will you "unlock" the next point.

Before entering the route, participants learn brief information about the route topic, where the start and end of the game is expected, how long the route will take and how many kilometers will have to be covered. Next to it is a rather concise description, for example, “To Birštonas on the southern side of the Kaunas Lagoon”, which should inspire you to go down the route and get to know the Lithuanian region better.

It is briefly mentioned whether you will visit natural, historical, architectural objects, or maybe everything will be. After all, the organizers also prepare thematic routes united by a certain leitmotif, for example, a historical detective, which presents a century-long photos - black and white, talking about the life of the interwar period, when it was even very colorful.

The whole course of the game will become clear after "unlocking" one stop after another, and only after going to the specified first point it is recorded that it has been reached and other questions and tasks appear. Let’s say players will be asked a question that will most likely only be answered when they go to the right place, or they will need to take a picture of it and film it.

“While taking part in the route you will have to think about how to perform the tasks correctly, the main goal of the game is to have fun and have fun with family and friends. You visit unseen places, get to know each other and travel further, but you don't know what lies ahead, ”smiles one of the creators of the app.

The free version of Ulba Go is for families, small gatherings of friends, one car crew while sitting and driving.