The art of wellness in Birštonas

2018/11/18 News

A strange tickling sensation on my back woke me up. The second I jolted back to life, I sensed an ethereal feeling of lightness, like I was floating in the air. I opened my eyes and chuckled. I was in a pool filled with mineral water so dense with salt and minerals that there was nothing my body could do but float, just like in the Dead Sea.

Below me, a jet produced a cloud of little bubbles. A cushion kept my neck and head steady and I’d dozed off, just minutes after getting into the pool. The bubbles continued to tickle my back but it was one of the most relaxing sensations I’d ever felt. Aware of where I was, I closed my eyes again.

Spa resorts in Birštonas

Birstonas is surrounded by expansive pine tree forests.

Birštonas is a small spa town, located approximately 90km west of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Famed for its salty mineral water and mud, Birštonas saw the opening of its first spa resort in the 19th century. The curative properties of the water and mud attracted people from all over the Baltic region, Russia and Poland. These days, Birštonas boasts a variety of spa resorts and medical spas. Visitors come here to relax, rejuvenate or rehabilitate from an injury or ailment. Situated on the banks of the Nemunas River, Birštonas is surrounded by expansive pine forests, which makes it perfect for another rejuvenating activity: forest-bathing (or shinyin roku). One thing I quickly noticed was how reasonably-priced the spa hotels and treatments are, especially for Western European or North American standards. Prices vary across the seasons but I found packages that include accommodation, meals and treatments from €70 per person!

During my short stay in Birštonas, I visited three spa resorts, each with a different character: read the full article here.