Quarantine stimulated technological innovations: how have Lithuanian sanatoriums changed?

2020/12/28 Press release

Sanatorium resort tourism is one of the areas of tourism that plays an important role in strengthening public health both before and during a pandemic, restoring health to patients recovering from difficult surgeries and complex treatments, and enabling faster integration into the labor market after rehabilitation.

The pandemic, which severely limited access to travel and leisure services, has led to complex hotel, spa and healthcare facilities introducing new technological innovations. The National Association of Sanatoriums and Rehabilitation Institutions has revealed what innovations will henceforth await patients arriving at sanatoriums and spas and clients of preventive and recreational services.

Contactless receptionist
In Druskininkai, the first technological solution developed in Lithuania was presented - a guest self-service terminal operating as a contactless reception - a fully integrated hotel self-check-in system. It has been implemented by UPA Medical SPA and Grand SPA Lietuva, and the innovativeness of the measure is also recognized by interested foreign health care institutions.
UPA Medical SPA is not only a recreational, but also a personal health care institution, open to visitors and ensuring safety even in the face of increased epidemiological risk, therefore higher safety requirements always apply here. To make guests feel completely safe and minimize contact with people, we have introduced the ability to do everything on your own. The self-service terminal is designed to be as clear and easy to understand as possible for the guests, but specialists in various fields worked in the process of its development, ”said Rimantas Černauskas, Director of UPA Medical SPA.
A self-service terminal fully integrated with the hotel management system allows the guest to check in independently at the hotel or health care facility, without the assistance of staff. The self-service terminal integrated with the hotel management system performs all guest check-in functions: finds the guest reservation, checks the identity document, provides a summary of ordered services, accepts payment via the bank's mobile app, programs and issues the guest room key-card.

Virtual tour
The sanatorium Gradiali, located in the resort of Palanga, has applied innovations in the field of marketing and implemented a virtual 360-photo tour. This sanatorium in 2019. received the largest number of German and Israeli tourists visiting the resort of Palanga every year. The virtual tour is the latest and most innovative marketing tool developed so far in the sanatorium "Gradiali", which allows customers to remotely get acquainted with the provided services, spaces and objects - thus selecting and ordering the desired services and rooms. The virtual 360 photo tour can be found here https://www.gradiali.lt/360/index.htm .

Sanatorium app and info terminal
Druskininkai-based Eglės Sanatorija presented an integrated news - a mobile app and info terminal for customers who came to the sanatorium. In order to speed up the dissemination of information and reduce the use of natural resources, since December the sanatorium has introduced info-terminals, which provide not only basic information about the sanatorium, but also about Druskininkai and Birštonas resorts themselves: places of interest and events in these cities. It is believed that info-terminals will contribute to the promotion of tourism, popularization of resorts, replace printed leaflets and reveal the possibilities of increasingly modern Lithuanian resorts. These info-terminals are available to customers at Eglės sanatorija receptions.
In the future, Eglės Sanatorija promises not to stop the facilities and improve them further. They also want to be tailored to the individual needs of the customer, such as airport travel planning, plane or train ticket printing, and the like. The project of installation of info-terminals and improvement of the mobile app "Eglės sanatorija" was implemented with the funds of the European Union-funded program "Tourism Innovations".
The mobile app and info-terminals are adapted not only for Lithuanian-speaking customers, but also in English, Russian and German.
"The sanatorium wants to go hand in hand with smart technology. We aim to be flexible, modern and attractive to our customers who cannot imagine their lives without smart devices. We do this to create convenience for our customers and even greater comfort, ”said Aistė Povilauskaitė, Head of the Marketing and Communication Department of Eglės Sanatorija.