Discussions at the "Be it!" Festival - open to the public

2019/09/23 Press release

Debate Festival "Be it!" Shares the recordings of the debates that took place on the first weekend of September in Birštonas. They include arguments from business, science, culture, non-governmental organizations, politicians and other members of the public, and efforts to hear, talk, understand, share and agree. At least 10 discussions took place in ten different spaces at one time, so the entries will help those who were over 100 in all the discussions of interest, unable to attend.

More than 400 speakers participated in the third annual debate festival and the number of visitors exceeded 8,000. "The Third Debate Festival 'Be It!' Has surpassed the previous ones in terms of content diversity and the abundance of partners and activities, in other words, this generation is the best," said Arnas Marcinkus, co-organizer of the event. - It is fun that our work has allowed the organizational aspects to be aligned in such a way that a large selection gives us every opportunity to discover the most exciting topic, the most fun activity for the heart. We managed to create a cozy atmosphere and a festival atmosphere. It was felt that the panelists were responsibly preparing for the debate, and the people who attended the festival were very well-intentioned. They were delighted by their involvement, participation and activity. More than 20 meaningful conversations took place in Swedbank's Fellow Worship Space alone, where topics could be spontaneously proposed by every festival participant. ”

“The Being Debate Festival has once again shown that there is a great need in Lithuania to discuss topics that are equally important locally and globally. We see this as a huge incentive to continue to raise sustainability issues not only in our daily operations but also in society, ”says Dan Strömberg, CEO of Telia Lietuva. "We are delighted that the questions we raised during the festival - from the impact of computer games on children, intergenerational relationships in the digital society, preserving the Lithuanian identity in the global world to the future of the planet due to the changing climate - have attracted much attention.
“This year we are particularly pleased not only by the higher quality of the festival but also by the youth who participated in the festival, our gymnasts. It is fun that they hear first-hand the issues that are relevant to the whole country, and discuss that they will shape Lithuania of the future, says Nijolė Dirginčienė, Mayor of Birštonas Municipality. - All year long we feel that we are preparing for the festival. I believe that this tradition will continue, because during the festival I heard from the participants that they are already thinking about the topics of discussion for next year - it is certainly one of the most anticipated events of the year! I heard that for the children living in Birštonas, "Be it!" Is a better celebration than the New Year - so many activities and fun for the family and children! "
Discussions took place this year in ten spaces, two of which were filmed and broadcast live by the event's partners LRT and Delfi. "In your account.
About the Debate Festival "Exactly!"

Open to all, the free festival, Be it! Is one of the 9 members of the Nordic-Baltic Democracy Festival family and the founders of the International Association for Democracy Festivals. Its organizers are convinced that a high culture of debate helps the public to agree on the priorities of state development and leads to better quality of decisions. The aim is for the festival visitors not only to listen, engage in discussions, but also to spend time in a comfortable, good and meaningful way.

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