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2019/11/26 News

5 thousand The population of Birštonas can accommodate 3 thousand people at a time. tourists. However, accommodation, even in the cold season, is not enough. Sanatoriums and hotels with spa services are overcrowded - you will only find the closest available space in January. With this in mind, alternatives are being sought - a studio apartment and a hotel without a reception, which you will enter with a code on your phone.

According to Rūta Kapačinskaitė, the head of the Birštonas Tourism Information Center (TIC), although the number of visitors this year is not counted, the trends will be similar to those prevailing in 2018.
"Last year, just over 146,000 people visited Birštonas. tourists. Most of them are Lithuanians. Comparing the first half of this year and last year, the traffic of Lithuanian visitors increased by 17 percent. However, we aim to attract as many foreigners as possible. The number of Latvian and German holidaymakers, Birstonas lovers and Israeli citizens, who spend a longer stay in the resort - two weeks - is growing rapidly. I think we are generating the main stream of Jewish tourists in Lithuania. There is a joke among hoteliers that if you want to test your facility how it works, or if the staff is well-staffed, invite a small group of Israeli citizens," Mr Kapačinskaitė whispered.
According to her, this was later confirmed by hotel and sanatorium managers, and during the first few days Israeli holidaymakers are trying to figure out everything: who will cook, who will work in marketing, who will be the hotel CEO and so on. t. It is a joke that reception staff would need a dedicated staff member who would only answer questions from visitors from Israel.

Overnight stays shortening

R. Kapačinskaitė notes that the number of overnight stays of holidaymakers in Birštonas is decreasing. Fewer and fewer resort guests are spending their holidays - weekend trips prevail. The average cost of an overnight stay in summer was 62 euros. True, in a holiday home, in a villa, in a private apartment it was possible to find a room for 25 euros. "Occupancy is high in accommodations that have a spa or in sanatoriums. Elsewhere weekends are busy and there are still vacancies on weekdays. However, if you want to visit Birštonas, you should start planning your trip away from your overnight stay - the most important thing is the wellness program. Look for her first. Birštonas is a very safe family resort, it is also a good place for creative holidays," said TIC leader.

The highest viewing tower in Lithuania, opened on 12 July, became a hit last summer, boosting the flow of one-day tourists. As of September 6, more than 100,000 people have visited the tower since its opening. of visitors. In the first week alone about 10 thousand people climbed up. people.
"Most tourists are worried about the distance to the tower. Once, foreigners put suitcases in our center and went out. Thought it would be very far - even sandwiches and water stuck. But when they returned, they were surprised that the distance was not so great," laughed R. Kapacinskaite. According to her, the resort also faces several challenges: Tower access is still complicated by the influx of same-day tourists, and traffic control problems have been felt. According to Rimantė Kurkauskaitė, Advisor to the Mayor of Birštonas, the access road to the tower is already being managed. In the spring, a cozy café should open the door next to this very popular object.

The Millennium Hotel

A new concept hotel, Essay, is due to open its doors at the end of March in Birštonas. Located near the pine forest of „Eglės sanatorija“, this property will be dedicated to the millennial generation and will focus on smart technologies. According to Ruta Zalagė, a spokeswoman for the management of the place, the aim is to eliminate the reception.
"When you book a room on the Internet, you will be able to access it via a mobile phone - a special code will be sent. It is desirable that no visitor shakes his head to be comfortable. There will be no queues at check-out. It will also be possible to check the number of people visiting the hotel pool on the phone - it is worth going or it is better to wait a little longer," said R. Zalagė, the only other non-standard accommodation establishment in Lithuania. The essay will be located on the site of the former Sonata Hotel. This is a continuation of the family business: Sonata will be run by parents, and Esė will be run by their children. The essay will feature a spa area, a swimming pool. There will also be a gastro bar (abandoned restaurant standard), a children's room.

3 days without phone

One of the most luxurious spas in Lithuania - Vytautas Mineral SPA - offers original and seemingly opposite innovations to the Essay concept. This establishment is invited to face the challenge of "three days without a smartphone". This is to encourage people to have quality rest. "Customers get out of the procedure and the phone is in their hands. Therefore, we offer an offline challenge to those who wish. We physically take the person's phone and lock it in the safe. The challenge takes 3 days. For this we donate procedures. If the rule is violated and the phone falls into the hands of the customer, he / she must pay for the procedures provided. Once upon a time, a Latvian took up this challenge. Before giving us the phone, we made a phone call to all my acquaintances and friends informing me that he would not be available. There is some panic. In such cases, it's no longer easy to find an object in the city: there's no GPS gadget left, and people no longer know how to use the map," said a spokeswoman for Vytautas Mineral Spa. customers. Another highlight of this luxury hotel and spa is the focus on children. Offered procedure menu for the little ones: baths, wraps, facials, physical therapy with physiotherapist. Spam days are organized, baby exercise in the pool. A 59-room spa and conference center should open next spring next to the hotel.

Decides at the last minute

24 percent of the "Tulpes" sanatorium will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year. visitors are Latvians. There is also an abundance of Israeli citizens, who, as mentioned earlier, show their curiosity.
"Russian clients also ask a lot of questions during the first days of their vacation. It asks if the tanks are on the streets or we shoot here. Finally, the questions end, relax, and we part with our hugs as our best friends," said a spokeswoman for Tulip Sanatorium. She emphasized that while other places focus on modernity, Tulip is about healing - working on what God and nature have given. "After all, everything changes, but what nature has given, that which is 200 to 300 meters underground, changes little. There is no shortage of visitors. We can only accept now at the end of January," explained the interviewer. A spokeswoman for „Eglės sanatorija“ has noticed a new habit of holidaymakers - people start to choose last-minute holidays, so no forecasts can be made. Aldona Gružaitė, a spokeswoman for 28 small rooms at Domus Hotel, also confirmed that all weekends before the New Year are over - you will not get overnight. The winds of change are also blowing in the 50th anniversary of the "Versme" sanatorium, which maintains traditional sanatorium treatment. The first half of next year promises to complete the renovation of the I block - the investment will reach 3 million. euros. There will be a refurbishment of the historic stained glass windows and a billboard running near the cabinet. The fountain will be repaired.
The first infrastructure, and later the service package: sanatoriums, which receive about 8 thousand people a year, follow this order of renovation. clients, managers. According to them, the traffic of Latvian visitors increased by 800 percent. All rooms are currently occupied. One of the priorities of the Versme is to create conditions for disabled visitors. Elderly people love the sanatorium.

Camping and summer toboggan run will open

According to the Mayor's Advisor R. Kurkauskaitė, a 50-site campsite will be opened in Birštonas in May. It will also have 5 cabins with 20 beds. German investors were attracted to the ski slope that had been abandoned for several years. It will turn into a summer toboggan run.
Intense boils and 5 million. The construction of a multi-purpose sports center near Birštonas Stadium. For this 2015 The project, which began in 2009, has had funding problems: a poster on the construction site still announces the end of July this year, but the builders will only leave the facility in a few years. Currently, construction is only halfway through.
The center will host a mobile gym that can be converted into 3 smaller halls: badminton, volleyball and tennis. There will be a 300-seat mobile grandstand, a 50-seat VIP spectator area. Second floor spaces are for table tennis, squash, pool. In the basement there will be dancers, weightlifters, martial arts lovers (will stand), gym, aerobics, sauna, bar.

Buys a second home in Birstonas
For a long time, new apartments with modern architecture are being built in Birštonas, which has been feeling the lack of new construction for a long time. Some of them ("Birštono vilos") - a bit more luxurious, designed by Vilija and Algirdas Kaušpėdas, resembling three-storey apartment buildings (even have elevators), will be located near the Nemunas and Egle sanatorium (construction completion - autumn 2020); apartments", - in the city center near the library.

For a long time, Birštonas felt the lack of new construction housing. So now, those who do not want to stay in hotels can buy studio-type rooms with slate stone and burnt larch cottages.

The Museum Suite project, launched a year ago, has offered 16 separate properties to the Birstonas real estate market, which is eager to innovate. Of these, only 40 percent. the remaining vacancies are 3 studio-type and 4 two-storey (cottage-type) dwellings ranging from 27 to 55 square meters. m. The biggest ones were grabbed first. The most common buyers are Kaunas, Dean and Birchtonians who are keen on a second family home. The cost of a square is 2 thousand. The apartment costs about 51 thousand euros. euros. "The cottages are built next to long-standing wooden houses of Birštoniškės. The area is surrounded by small plots of local people. Thus, it is clear that the environment dictated the nature of the structures. Young families are being created in the Museum Apartment. Buyers are more middle-aged people," said project representative Juras Sadauskas.

Text: Karolina Stažytė
Photos: Marius Vizbaras
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