Birstonas Half Marathon: Unique tracks don't leave you indifferent

2019/04/08 Events

One of the most beautiful resorts of Lithuania will be a real oasis of active leisure enthusiasts on the first Saturday of May, May 4th - the city half-marathon organized for the third year in a row. Surrounded by fresh air and forest, the runways will run, with families with children and runners from all over the country.

Challenge for both lovers and professionals
Last year Birštonas half marathon attracted more than 2 thousand. sports enthusiasts, so this year is expected to have a similar or even higher number of runners.
The association, Savas Town, which organizes Birštonas' half-marathon, has announced that the age of the majority of participants varies from 18 to 45, but children with their parents and seniors also come to run. Last year he was even 78 years old.
According to event organizer Giedrė Bernotaitė, Birštonas half marathon attracts not only active leisure lovers, but also real professionals in this field - all known Lithuanian runners - Dian Lobachevsky, Remigija Kanchi and others.
“The half-marathon track is an exciting challenge not only for lovers, but also for professionals before the start of the season. There is no shortage of professional runners, so there is also an interesting competition among them, ”said Bernotaitė.
One of the best long-distance runners in Lithuania took part in Birštonas half-march for two years in a row, Remigijus Kančys, a participant of the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, said that it is worth visiting the professionals.
“The track is unique, usually running in cities and surrounded by nature. Even on a hot day, the trees are surrounded by a much more enjoyable run. There is also a track for personal records. The half-marathon track is two-wheeled, almost without bends. For those who want a good result, this is very important. And competition is definitely not lacking", R. Kanchi said, adding that the starting line with everyone feels smooth.
Exclusivity - pure resort air and fast track has proved that those who have not yet reached Birštonas semi-marathon are really worth trying - there are no other tracks in Lithuania: “Birštonas track is something special. It is the track, the clean air of the resort, the forests surrounded and attracts both professionals and amateurs from all over Lithuania”.
The choice of routes is also varied, from the shortest to half marathon - 1.5 km, 5 km, 10 km, 21 km. According to the organizer of the event, many participants arrive ready to give up the challenge - the last year was the half-marathon track. The latter tracks up to 70 percent, in the forest.
“The track is not complicated, there are not many clues, so it is very attractive for runners. As professional athletes say, this is a fast track. Some athletes in Birštonas can become a kind of training against the upcoming marathons", said Bernotaitė.

Preparing to run is also possible in a few weeks
Although only a month was left before Birštonas's half marathon, Olympian Kanchys assured that the run could be prepared in a few weeks. According to the athlete, the most important thing is to really evaluate your chances and start a shorter track.
“For active leisure lovers who run only a month, a 21 km distance would be a real suffering. Opt for shorter distances of 5 km or 10 km. Every running has to give pleasure, so it is best to choose a distance that is truly overcome. The runner must enjoy the same process and at the same time be able to talk to a friend, colleague, or just a stranger who is asking for something”, Said Kanchys, whose experience and number of kilometers prevented his advice from being questioned. The athlete trains six days a week and runs on average 30-40 km a day.
For 5 km a professional athlete has advised to start training already. According to him, it would be enough to run quietly 2-3 times a week at least 30 min. It is also important to know that suitable clothing and footwear should be used for running.

The best time for health
The first Saturday in May was chosen unnecessarily. According to G. Bernotaitė, the months of May and September are the most favorable for running. Usually at this time the weather is not cold, but still not frustratingly hot. This is not only a pleasure, but also a health-friendly, unrestrained heart.
“I am glad that Birštonas' half-marathon is a good spring tradition. Two years after the event, we received only good feedback. Marathon mood, sport enthusiasm just flooded the sunny resort, the whole Birštonas community felt a special atmosphere. I believe that this year's atmosphere will be felt even more by the guests of the resort, and the fresh air of Birštonas pine forests will impress the runners with excellent results, ”said Nijolė Dirginčienė, Mayor of Birštonas Municipality with a smile.
The organizers of the event and the mayor of the city assured that in Birštonas half marathon there would be no shortage of good emotions - every runner could enjoy nature not only on the track, but also in recreation areas, and 5 km, 10 km, and 21 km, the participants will be given authentic, designer creations, commemorative medals .

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