As the Būtent! (‘Makes Sense!’) discussion festival draws near, preparations in Birštonas are in full swing

2018/09/05 Press release

On 7–8 September, Birštonas will host the Būtent! (‘Makes Sense!’) festival of discussions, which will be free of charge. Being held for the second time, the event plans to bring 5,000 curious participants in the mood for open discussions to Vytautas Park in Birštonas. Preparations in Birštonas are going smoothly, but people who would like to stay overnight for the festival should hurry, since accommodation facilities are already more than 80 per cent booked.

“Every year, over 150 different events take place in Birštonas which draw in anywhere from several hundred to several thousand visitors. We are fully equipped to ensure smooth preparation and an enjoyable experience for event and resort guests. We are proud of the fact that it was decided to hold the festival in Birštonas – this tradition has been embraced by our residents and the local business community. We feel that thanks to the festival, Birštonas is being discovered by people who are especially welcome here – ones who are courageous, cultured, and hungry for knowledge,” says Birštonas Mayor Nijolė Dirginčienė.

Discover Birštonas educational space at the Kneipp Garden

Birštonas Municipality will offer festival participants and guests of the resort not only hospitality, but also additional entertainment, discussions and educational attractions. One of these is the Discover Birštonas educational space that will be set up during the festival at the Kneipp Garden, where the Birštonas Tourism Information Centre, along with business and wellness representatives, will take visitors back to the resort of the interwar period and tell them stories never heard before about Birštonas and the people who used to spend holidays here.

Accommodation options becoming sparse

Accommodation facilities in Birštonas are already more than 80 per cent booked for this period, so festival participants who plan to spend the night should hurry. The Vytautas Mineral Spa wellness and recreation complex, the Eglė and Tulpė health resorts, and the Royal Spa Residence hotel and spa centre are working in cooperation with the Būtent! festival and are offering participants a 10 per cent discount on accommodations. In addition, guests at Eglė and Vytautas Mineral Spa will be able to take their electric cars to the centre of town.

Birštonas on foot – anywhere in 10 minutes

Anyone who has been to Birštonas will confirm that you can walk to just about any place at the resort in 10 minutes. The festival organisers and the resort’s hosts encourage people who come by car to leave them at the spacious parking lots that you will find as soon as you enter Birštonas. From there, you will easily be able to walk to Vytautas Park, where all of the action will be taking place, and also be able to visit the resort’s tourist attractions – the well-developed infrastructure is particularly pedestrian-friendly, with plenty of parks, blossoming flower gardens, and nicely maintained walking paths. And right before the festival, the lawns will get an extra mowing!

Consolidation of forces at the resort for the convenience of guests and organisers

There are 90 free events and discussions provided for in the festival programme where nearly 300 speakers will present their ideas. For festival participants, this means a wealth of choices, but for organisers it means a lot of homework to ensure the smooth supply of electricity and other necessary resources, convenient navigation within the resort, and enhanced security forces and other services. Last year’s experience has shown that thinking out preparations beforehand and including the community helps to avoid surprises and unwanted experiences. 
For the convenience of Būtent! festival participants, the resort’s restaurants will extend their working hours during the event, opening their doors earlier than usual and letting guests stay later in the evening to discuss the day’s impressions. Local food suppliers will make sure that no one goes hungry on the festival grounds, and this season the resort has more cosy places than ever for open-air dining. There will also be something new this year – a special space for pets where furry festival participants will be able to rest and recharge their batteries.

A festival for locals as well as guests

It was not by accident that Birštonas was selected as the festival location – the Scandinavian origin of this festival works perfectly with the Birštonas philosophy. Nordic values are kindred to the resort, where quality is sought in the broadest sense of the word. The fact that Būtent! is taking place in Birštonas is also appreciated by the residents of the resort. Solveiga, who is raising her two young children in Birštonas, also plans on participating in the festival this year. “It’s nice that intellectual, cultured people come here. Events like these give you a sense of pride in your town! For me it is very important that the broad programme of events makes it possible to coordinate different family needs. The kids look forward to some things while the parents look forward to others,” says the Birštonas native. 


Birštonas is a unique Lithuanian resort town located in the loops of the River Nemunas. Some 82 per cent of the municipality of Birštonas is situated within the Nemunas Loops Regional Park. 

The unique natural resources and incredible landscape have long lured vacationers to Birštonas and its surroundings. The forests that grow green in the meanders of the Nemunas were once the place of royal outings, when the hunting horn of Vytautas Magnus echoed through Žvėrinčius Forest to invite member of the European royal families of that time to set off in pursuit. 

Known for its unique nature, mineral water, royal roots, and the winding loops of the Nemunas River, Birštonas is a Lithuanian resort that offers world-class wellness services. The resort is endowed with natural riches: abundant mineral water springs, therapeutic mud, clean air and a climate that is conducive to good health. The resort takes pride in its bromine-rich mineral water, which is recognized and valued throughout Europe. 


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