Youth Space in Central Birstonas Park

free of charge
Event date
2019-06-08 12:00 To 20:00


We invite you to visit the Youth Space in Birstonas central park where you will find unforgettable impressions and untested entertainment!

June 8:

12:00 - Family Mini Football Tournament 3x3 organized by Birštonas Youth Club together with Prienai Football Club and Sponsorship Studio

13:30 - Electric Quadruple Race for Children (Participants age depends on their ability to control the electric quad, about 3 to 12 years)

15:00 - Opening of the parking lot - show of Lithuanian car park masters and general training for young people

17:00 - Children's Paintball GOTCHA Shooting Tournament for Children

18:00 - Shrathvydys Tire Shooting Tournament (N-18)

You will also be amazed at the Birštonas Youth Club campaign and our 150-degree barbecue terrace all day long, and the night-time basketball tournament 3x3 will be waiting for the second year in a row at 23:30.

By the meeting in Birštonas;)