Workshop: The Importance of Networking for Business Success

Event date
2022-03-16 10:00 To 12:00


Probably no one could object that by working together we can achieve a breakthrough in our business much faster! March 16 We invite members of all 13 Spiečius collaboration centers to participate in a two-hour remote workshop on the importance of networking for the success of your business. The event will focus on the networking process - you will learn how to enable networking, take advantage of its opportunities and perform practical tasks to improve your skills.

At the event:
• We will talk about why and how networking always pays off in your effort and time
• We will discuss how a collaboration team can become a breakthrough in your business: from order growth to long-term collaboration, and perhaps to a shared sustainable business.
• We will perform a practical task: "My TOP 20 contacts + your TOP 20 contacts". We will create your TOP contact lists and find out how we can help each other by sharing contacts
• We will allow time for discussion and your questions

The event will be hosted by Valentinas Marinionokas - a professional training coach, sales practitioner, author of the Grizzly Method programs, and a certified NLP practitioner.
Event registration required! If you have not received a registration link, please contact your Swarm Coordinator.
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