Virtual lecture "How to understand politics?"

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free of charge
Event date
2022-03-18 15:00 To 16:30


Kaunas County Public Library together with its partners organizes a series of public lectures-meetings on the topics of public resilience “Dare to Know - The Power of Media Literacy”. We invite you to the second lecture of the cycle "How to understand talking about politics?", Which will take place on March 18. 3 p.m. reading VMU prof. Lauras Bielinis.

"We all watch, listen to or read political news, we observe various comments from commentators, but there is often a question and doubt - what is right, why is there so much talk about mistakes, bad consequences and dangers? As a result, we are embroiled in a never-ending escalation of tension, anxious and waiting for the worst. So, it is necessary to find out how it is necessary to understand politics for ordinary citizens? ”- the lecture is presented by Lauras Bielinis, a political scientist and doctor of social sciences at VMU.
The lecture will take place remotely and will be broadcast live on the Youtube channel of Kaunas County Public Library.