The movie "Everything is in the Air"

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2022-08-16 19:00 To 20:30


If life seems wonderful, maybe it's just a matter of the wrong attitude
Ryan Bingen's (actor George Clooney) job is to fire other people. Specifically, to notify them of the layoff. Representing a huge company, Rajan has his work cut out for him. Non-stop flights across the United States, airport living and hotel stays.
While doing such a job, it is practically impossible to create a personal life, without the slightest doubt. But Ryan isn't complaining - he likes the lifestyle. Especially since the charming woman Alex (actress Vera Farmiga) often flies on the same plane.
Ryan's settled life is disrupted, as it often happens, by a woman. True, not Alex. The new girl hired by Ryan's boss named Natalya (Anna Kendrick) is young, ambitious, and one of her first suggestions is to use a simple teleconference instead of flying someone across the country to lay off employees.
Ryan panics: after all, being fired from his job would not only mean the end of his beloved life "on a suitcase", but also the disappointingly lost opportunity to accumulate five thousand free miles already at hand, and most importantly, it would deprive him of the opportunity to extend his acquaintance with the woman of his dreams. Ryan takes action and invites Natalia on a journey that will change both of their lives...