The evening is dedicated to Žygymantas Augustus and Barbora Radvilaita

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Event date
2022-07-05 19:00 To 20:30


16th century Rulers and rulers of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and Poland - Alexander Jogailaitis
wife Elena (†1513), Žygymantas Augustas (1520-1572) and his second wife Barbora Radvilaitė (ca.
1522-1551) had direct connections with the royal estate of Birštonas. Being the governors of Birštonas,
administered the estate, appointed estate officials, provided lands around Birštonas to his clients. Zygimantas
Augustus was among those rulers who visited the estate and hunted in the vicinity of Birštonas more than once. what
the specific contribution of these rulers in the history of Birštonas, how the estate looked like during their rule - that's what we'll be talking about
is told in the lecture. A special emphasis is placed on Barbora Radvilaitė, whose 500th anniversary
we celebrate the anniversary this year, for the period of management.