The Enchanted Arch Animated Film

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2022-02-18 17:30 To 19:00


A story full of magical adventures will take viewers to a city that sank thousands of years ago in the ocean, where incredible things take place.

The sea is full of secrets! There is so much here that even the people of the sea themselves have not discovered much! Who would have thought that somewhere in the middle of the ocean stood a long-sunken city. Not only have people forgotten about it, but the seafarers themselves have never strayed here… But it is always the first time! Dolphin Dolphin is different from most of the ocean. Insatiable curiosity often leads him to where no one dares to even insert his nose. Quite unintentionally, the dreamer Delphi, along with his best friend the fish Zebu, wanders into an unprecedented city! It is so large and mysterious, with no fish in it, and a bright blue arch in the middle. Friends are quick to find out that this arch fulfills the most secret desires of every sea inhabitant, all you have to do is come up with them and dive through the middle of it! All would be well if you hadn’t heard a nasty murmur from a conversation of friends about a magical find! These have long been tired of the peaceful life of the ocean. Most of all, they want to take the place of the head of the Fish City - the eighth octave!

The long-undressed murmurs discover a magical arch, and those who pass by it become gigantic sea monsters… There is considerable chaos in the peaceful ocean! And where else is the beautiful dolphin daughter Maja, the beautiful mayor of the city! Delphi and Zeb have to quickly come up with a plan to prevent the evil crumbs from capturing the City of Fish! As the predator army grows, Delphi and his friends have less and less time…

A breathtaking, engaging and very magical story about self-belief, the most loyal friends, a mysterious journey through time and the discovery of true love soon in cinemas.

The film is dubbed in Lithuanian, without subtitles.

Director: Vasiliy Rovenskiy