Subtilu-Z's new album "PLAY LIFE" presentation concert

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2019-03-30 21:00 To 22:30


Subtle-Z is a modern, world / modern music group

Laurynas Vaitkus (birbynė, lumzdelis)
Povilas Velikis (accordion)
Dmitry Mikhailov (accordion)
Vytautas Švažas (Percussion)

“Get on with life! (Play Life) - We've already joined it. We recorded an album that is closer to our culture, our environment, our thoughts. We decided that this album should contain not only his own works, but also the works of Lithuanian creators who were close to us and well known and appreciated - D. Pulauskas, R. Ranys, J. Jasinskis.
Our lives are very colorful, with energy, youthfulness, melancholy, dreams, sadness, and all states of mind. That's why our new work is colorful with its characters, musical consciences, and resonates in our heads and hearts. It is the music that influences and draws our personalities. That is our life. ”

The concert will feature new album art and compositions from previous programs.

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Doors open at 20.30.
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