Screening of Astrid Lindgren's Youth

free of charge
Event date
2019-11-14 18:00 To 20:00


Astrid Lindgren's Youth (Becoming Astrid, 2018) is a sensitive biographical drama about world-famous writer Astrid Lindgren. Although her books have grown more than once, there was a time when the writer's name was not as well known. Ms Lindgren has come a long way to being the most popular Swedish woman of all time.
It is this journey of the creator that is told in the film. It tells the story of the writer's childhood and youth, where we see Astrida's extraordinarily strong, vibrant, and creative personality.
Saying goodbye to her childhood years was very painful for Ms Lindgren and her teenage years were marked by rebellion. She grew up in a small town near Vimerby in southern Sweden. The quiet and cozy life on the farm with her family was shattered by her romance with the charming editor of the Vimerby newspaper, with painful consequences - she is expecting a child. Fleeing public pressure, the young writer left for Stockholm. Very realistic display of the 20th century. 3 decades, what it means for a young single girl to wait for a child in that society.
The most popular Swedish woman of all time was once just a single mom who fought for her right to raise a child. The most difficult thing for her was to be separated from her son Lasse, who had been forced to give up to a stranger.
It is an intimate, infinitely true story about facing the painful reality of life and how it affects, matures and becomes who you are - Astrida Lindgren.
It’s a great opportunity to spend a Thursday night in a cozy and meaningful place with a friend or boyfriend. Very welcome!