Romuald Požersky's Photography Exhibition "Mysterious Bangladesh"

free of charge
Event date
2019-05-06 To 2019-06-01


In 2016, 2017 and 2018, Romuald Požerskis, along with international groups of photographers, went to Bangladesh and spent ten days in this one of the poorest countries in the world. It was enough to create photographs that show that Bangladesh is not only one of the poorest, but also one of the most colorful (both direct and metaphorical) in the world.

While shooting in Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka, Požerskis commemorates the hard work of primitive measures and life-difficult living conditions for the west: a ship repair shop, an area of leather-processing factories, where the world's most chemical-contaminated streams run along the slopes of railroads where people live in cardboard shelters without water and electricity. Poverty is not less pronounced in other parts of the country where the photographer has visited: rubbish at Chittagong Port, in villages where poor families live in boats, in Jaflong stone quarries or in rice factories.

The social and educational goals were particularly important during the last trip to Bangladesh. For her, the photographer was preparing to attend junior class students in Lithuania, familiarizing children with the difficult everyday life of a distant country. The 4C grade pupils of Kaunas Old Town progymnasium passed on the most precious toys of their childhood, which Požerskis distributed in Bangladesh to children and immortalized them in his photographs.