Rock opera "Oath"

The cost of the event
11.00 - 21.00
Event date
2019-10-24 18:00 To 19:30


Premiere of the rock opera Oath

Thundertale Patriotic Rock
Liudas Mikalauskas (bass)
Egidijus Bavikin (tenor)
Sandra Lebrikaitė (soprano)
Composers: Laurynas Baškys and Jonas Chockevičius
Authors of the libretto: Gediminas Jankus and Nerijus Petrokas
Director: Nerijus Petrokas
Set Designer: Sergeant Bocullo

Rock opera "Oath" is a new gulf of patriotism in the sky of Lithuanian music, bringing together both rock musicians and famous opera soloists for their creative work. This is the story of the Partisans who left their hometowns in the post-war years and retreated to the forest to fight for the dearest. They were also loving, laughing, hopeful, sensitive to pain and sadness, but different from everyone else for having a very noble purpose in their lives for which we should all be grateful. What did they talk about? .. What did they love? .. Did they believe in their victory? .. Was they afraid of death? .. Did the oath they gave them make life worth sacrificing? .. Only their remaining memories can answer that. which was the basis for the rock opera Oath. It is a work about real people, the true destinies of their lives, about who gave us a free and independent homeland. Teacher, priest, student, liaison - these characters will once again let you know the Partisans who fervently believed in their hearts that their fight would not be in vain.