Rasa Rožinskienė's exhibition "What Angels Speak"

free of charge
Event date
2022-11-12 To 2022-11-30


All the angels are made using the collage technique, sculpting their figures by hand, one piece of material, one necklace loop, one knitting strip. Giving a second chance to clothes, jewelry, souvenirs from world travels found at home and no longer used.

I try to ensure that each angel has its own character, the central ray of its activity and the values it proclaims. For example, the father's angel says that a person's death should be beautiful - no matter under what circumstances he has to leave this world.
The Mother's Angel speaks of the unconditional love that is only possible in a mother's heart.

Angels of daughters speak about the bright ideals of a young person and the fact that evolution in everyone's life is possible only through hard work. Otherwise, the deceptive illusion will quickly put on the crown of pride and lead you away from the true path.

The red angel of truth invites people to maintain their inner core of values and tolerantly accept the opinions of others.

Frida's Mexican angel is full of life, the desire to live, dress up, laugh, love, create, fight for her beliefs. After all, just to breathe - freely, without corsets restricting the breath.