Puppet exhibition "Traditional costumes of historical peoples of Lithuania"

free of charge
Event date
2023-11-03 To 2023-11-26


We invite you to the exhibition of Elmira Bielialova, folk art master, professional embroiderer, sewing industry engineer-technologist, "Traditional costumes of historic Lithuanian peoples" at the Birštonas Museum.

Traditional folk costumes reflect the characteristics of the nation - its character, musical and dance orientation, traditions and historical roots. The national costume clearly demonstrates not only the spirituality of the people, but they contain an encrypted message from the ancestors to their descendants, which tells about the formation of culture in different periods of history. The exhibition presents the national costumes of 5 regions of Lithuania and the peoples who have lived in Lithuania for many centuries and have a common history.

Elmira Bielialova (born July 5, 1958) is a master of folk art, professional embroiderer, sewing industry engineer - technologist.

Since 1996 In Crimea (Ukraine), he was engaged in the revival of the national costume, embroidery with gold and silver threads. She participated in many exhibitions and festivals, and was awarded many times for her creative and pedagogical activities. in 2007 Winner of the "Public Recognition" award in Eupatoria in the "Golden Hands" nomination.