Photo Exhibition Burning Man

free of charge
Event date
2019-07-27 To 2019-09-02


Romualdas Požerskis photography exhibition Burning Man

The annual Burning Man art project in the Nevada desert is recognized as the most unique and largest alternative art phenomenon in the world with 70,000 people. In the Black Stone Desert of Nevada, several thousand projects are presented and over 300 hundred sculptures have been installed. It is an industrial subconscious, postmodern technoculture, archaic, mythological, fiery cult and tribal, inviting every year to self-discovery, expression, transformation, awe.
Representatives of the largest computer and high tech companies in the US come to the festival. They implement their ideas by presenting giant moving objects. Like moving insects, animals, fantastic creatures, moving, moving machines flash, emit sounds, music, smoke and fire.
In the Nevada desert, it is easier to try an atomic bomb than to have a week-long festival. The nearest village is 50 kilometers away, + 40 ° C during the day and 0 ° C at night.
Critics of modern art claim that this event is the only place where the boundaries between art and life are truly dissolved. You live in a work of art, your existence there becomes a work of art.
Romualdas Požerskis since 1993 has been working at Vytautas Magnus University since 2011. Professor at the Faculty of Arts, Department of Contemporary Arts.