Pažaislis Music Festival presents Karavan Familia: Traditional Roma Music Other

The cost of the event
Event date
2019-07-19 19:00 To 20:00


Karavan Familia (Hungary)
István Nagy (vocal, guitar)
István Nagy new (vocal, bass guitar, cajon)
Ilona Farkas (vocal)
Niki Nagy (vocal)
Vanda Csámpai (dance)
Sarah Nasiruddin (dance)

The program includes original ensemble compositions.

Ticket price: 10 Eur

The organizers of Pažaislis Music Festival often hear the questions of the listeners when one or the other performer who likes them returns. Karavan familia, who has been performing at the festival ten years ago, has long listened to listeners, so we are happy to announce that this year you will have the opportunity to hear them!

A unique ensemble of the Roma family from Hungary, whose music perfectly combines old traditions and new experiences, the harmony of ethnic music and the repercussions of pop music. At the Karavan familia concert you will hear new and old compositions that will not leave the audience indifferent, and the performance will be enhanced by the ensemble's buddies - Vanda Csámpai and Sarah Nasiruddin.