Pažaislis Music Festival presents "Central European Rhythms and Melodies"

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Event date
2019-08-24 19:00 To 20:00


Performers: Mindaugas Zimkus (tenor), Ainis Kasperavičius (viola, Lithuania-Germany) and Paulė Gudinaitė (piano).

In the app:
George Enescu - "Seven Clément Marot Songs" for Tenor and Piano, Op. 15
Antonin Dvorák - Four Romantic Pieces for Viola and Piano, Op. 75
Maros Rudolf - "Balkan Suite" for viola and piano
Imre Kálmán - The Song of Raul from the operetta "The Light of Montmartre"
Imre Kálmán - Hussar Marshal of Mister X
Imre Kálmán - Final Scene from the operetta Silva

Ticket price: 10 Eur.
Tickets sold on August 24th. kurhauze from 18:00 and in the system

Who is linking Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic? Mountains? Or maybe gypsy passion, fiery dance rhythms or mysterious and subtle tunes? The answer lies in a sensational musical journey through Central European countries: the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, where the listener will hear instrumental and vocal-chamber and stage music that reveals their colorful sound-genre color. The program consists of a gourmet cycle of Romanian composer G. Enescu for tenor and piano "Seven Clément Marot Songs", a lyrical and subtle Czech composer A. Dvorák's "Four Romantic Pieces", rarely heard by the fiery, Balkan folk rhythm and intonated by the Hungarian composer Maros Rudolf. siuita "arias well known and loved by the famous opera operators Imre Kálmán for viola and piano and audiences.