Pažaislis Music Festival Launches "Margas Song Lyrics"

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Event date
2019-08-17 19:00 To 20:00


Sabina Martinaitytė (soprano)
Matthias Rexroth (Counselor, Germany)
Audronė Eitmanavičiūtė (piano)
Eytan Pessen (piano, Germany)

In the program:
Franz Schubert, Georg Friedrich Händel, Henry Purcell, Robert Franz, Gioachino Rossini, Jacques Offenbach, Giedrius Kuprevičius, Giacomo Puccini, Fernando Obradors and others.

Ticket prices: 7-9 Eur

There are no songs - the world of vocal music is very varied indeed. And how many mysterious patterns it contains! The true masters of this genre will be invited to know the secrets of vocal art and the most varied writings - an international team of good friends: singers Sabina Martinaitytė (soprano), Matthias Rexroth (countertenor, Germany) and pianists Audronė Eitmanavičiūtė and Eytan Pessen (Germany). The program, prepared by the artists, will feature the most beautiful songs, arias and duets by various composers. Listeners will remain enchanted!