Painting and assembly exhibition "Grass Hides Nothing"

free of charge
Event date
2022-02-10 To 2022-03-12


I was born in Vilnius in 1965, graduated from the St. Petersburg State University in Russia in 1988, and am a philologist and specialist in Hungarian language and literature. I have been working in tourism for many years. I was always "at art", but I started painting myself 7 years ago. I draw inspiration from the surrounding environment, everyday life, listened to conversations, books read, movies watched, childhood memories, travel impressions. I like to take photos myself and often the idea of a picture is born by looking at the photos I take. I admire the Czech artist Jan Schwankmayer, the Argentine Tomás Saracen, I am partly close to steam-punk, cyber-punk art.

The presented cycle of paintings talks about such world-pressing issues as COVID-19, climate change, environmental issues, sustainability issues. Where are we going, how will it all end? Is the civilization we know nearing its end? And what's next? Are we still people of blood and flesh, or are we already semi-machines, androids? Artificial teeth, hair, joints, valves, limbs, tubes from a test tube - is it already a step towards a new human race? And where are the boundaries? After cutting the skin, the muscles penetrating deeper and deeper - are there any more secrets left? Who will inherit the earth after us - creatures reminiscent of giant insects best adapted
to a changing world, but still calling themselves human? What will they believe, what new religions will replace the current ones?
Will the mask and respirator become everyday clothes?

We are surrounded by endless things, we have become a generation of consumers. We simply scrape used unnecessary items into the container. The earth suffocates from plastic waste. And does a second-hand item have a right to a 'second chance', or can it be regarded as an object of art? In most of my work, I try to give things, household waste, broken appliances a second life, prolong their existence by taking them to a new dimension, giving them another meaning that makes them forget their original purpose and look at them as means of artistic expression.

My creations are reflections on where we are and where we are going. It’s an opportunity to stop and find myself in my world for a short time, an opportunity to look me in the eye for myself, looking out of the mirror.