"Only free grow up big" March 11 events

Traditional events
free of charge
Event date
2020-03-05 To 2020-03-11


March 11 (wednesday)
10am St. Mass At Antanas Paduvietis Church
10.45am Freedom Walk from Church to Municipal Square with Flags, Freedom Windmills and Other Celebration Supplies
11am Raising of the National Flag, Salute, Young Rifleman's Promise, Artistic Composition of the High School Students "Drawing Lithuania"
Musical hall of the show studio "Children of the Sun" (Kaunas)
12:30 p.m. Festive Running on the Resort Streets "We Are For Lithuania" (start - Municipal Square)

Other events:
March 5

6 pm Meeting with the writer, signer of the March 11 act, Kazys Saja (Birštonas Public Library)

March 6
1 pm XIV Young Performers Competition-Festival "Let's Make Music Together" for the 30th Anniversary of the Restoration of Lithuanian Independence (Birštonas Art School), Birštonas Culture Center

March 10
Project "The Wind of Freedom" to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the restoration of Lithuania's independence
(Birštonas Gymnasium)
7pm Quiz "What do you know about Lithuania" (Siponiai Community Hall, Siponiai, Birštonas Public Library)
(March 10 - April 10) Literary Exhibition, "I Will Draw Your Wreath of Honor" (Birštonas Public Library, single-storey unit)
March. Literary Exhibition "March 11th Lithuania" (Birštonas Public Library)
Exhibition of drawings "Lithuania - the birthplace of mine" and poems to commemorate the 11th of March (pupils of Birštonas Nursery and Kindergarten "Vyturėlis" and Birštonas Nursery and Kindergarten "Giliukas"), Birštonas Museum
10am Grades 1-4 of Birštonas Municipality pupils' artistic reading competition to commemorate March 11 (Birštonas Grammar School Reading Room)