Odor experiences and human well-being

free of charge
Event date
2023-02-11 20:00 To 21:30


Smell and the olfactory (olfactory) environment have more significance for our mood and well-being than we might imagine. Fragrances and perfumery occupy a significant place in today's human environment, so talking about olfactory (sniffing) noise, scent background, perfume label and the social message broadcasted by perfumes is curious and useful for every perfume user and even a person who has never used perfume.
Perfumery myths are another topic of conversation and discussion, which is tireless not only for perfume lovers, but also for those who are quite indifferent to smelling. "Male" and "female" perfumery - myth or truth? Botanical or synthetic perfume - how to decide? Perfume as a gift - mission possible or impossible? We will find and deconstruct the most popular myths in the perfume industry.
Artistic perfumes are a relatively new category and concept in the multifaceted world of perfumery. What is it and why does Lithuanian artistic perfumery receive a lot of attention and high ratings at international perfumery exhibitions and among consumers around the world?
Talk about perfume without smelling it? Impossible! For your curiosity and joy - a carefully assembled collection of the most interesting perfumes straight from the creative laboratories of professional perfumery authors!
The meeting will be moderated, all questions will be answered and artistic perfume tasting will be conducted by perfumery educator, producer of original perfume brands, development manager of FUMparFUM / created by Aistis Mickevičius, Edita Vigelytė.
The perfumes you like will be available for purchase during the event.