Northern European Power Triathlon Championship

Event date
2022-11-18 To 2022-11-20


November 18-20 from 11:00 a.m. Birštonas Sport Center together with the International Triathlon Federation (WRPF Lithuania) invites power sports enthusiasts to watch the Northern European Power Triathlon Championship. This level of competition is being organized for the first time in Lithuania and it will be the biggest sports event of this type this year. In the competition, athletes will compete in power triathlon, barbell bench press and duel (barbell bench press and deadlift).
It is expected that we will see the strongest power sports athletes from Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Finland, Sweden, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Spain and Poland on the platform of these international competitions.
It will be possible to see live, and maybe even shake the firm hand of such a sports legend as Zahir Khudayarov. The list of athletes representing Lithuania and their achievements is impressive. In both men's, women's and youth categories, the audience will see the performance of many athletes who are constantly improving Lithuanian and higher records. These are Vladimir Agasaryan, who won more than twenty Lithuanian, European and World Champion titles in the barbell event, Evaldas Černiauskas, the record holder, and Andrius Naglius from Šiauliai, who demonstrates a truly impressive triathlon tonnage for his weight category, and others.
"The best strength sports coaches prepare their athletes for many months, and the latter push their bodies every day, sometimes seemingly impossible. Everything is so that we can demonstrate the performances of athletes worthy of European and World level, not only for Lithuania, but in this case by organizing an event of an international scale. It is good that long-term athletes who strive for elite norms are also growing promising young people, educated by such professionals as Vidas Blekaitis, whom Biršton knows especially well. I have no doubt, we will see a large group of indoor athletes at the competition" - the event was presented by the president of the International Triathlon Federation and power triathlon coach Deividas Kasulis.

About strength sports
Strength sports are extremely popular in the world and Lithuania is represented even in the international arena by many athletes, but many still have not even heard of such a sport.
In the power triathlon, athletes perform three exercises, three attempts each: barbell squat, barbell bench press, and deadlift. Along with the power tricot, or separately from it, athletes can participate in the disciplines of bench press alone or dueling (barbell press and pull). According to age, men and women are divided into youth, open and veteran classes. Also, athletes are divided into separate categories based on body weight, which allows athletes to compete on equal terms.
The International Triathlon Federation (WRPF Lithuania) is an independent organization created to popularize strength sports and support athletes who demonstrate high results. One of the most important values of the federation is positivity and harmony with all organizations and federations and the organization of high-level competitions. The Federation pays particular attention to the athletes, their comfort and adequate remuneration for the results demonstrated in the competitions.