Non-Sleeping Cities

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2020-10-08 16:00 To 22:00


The project NON-SLEEPING CITIES will present activities in which everyone will have the opportunity to discover, learn or create something interesting. Open your eyes to culture in BIRŠTONAS! The event will take place in the square near the Tulpė sanatorium (in case of bad weather, the event will take place in Birštonas Culture Center). During the event, people over the age of 6 are asked to wear a protective face mask, keep a safe distance from other participants in the event, and protect themselves and those around them.


4 p.m. and 6 p.m. - Excursion around Birstonas. During the tour you will hear the most interesting local stories and rediscover your city!
Excursions are free, but please register at
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16: 00-20: 00
- ECO workshop - let's turn obsolete packaging into fun souvenirs for your home.
- Urban Gardens - Learn authentic garden weaving traditions using unexpected tools.
- Postcard Workshops - Color graphics workshops will invite you to embroider postcards or book tabs with the brightest symbols of non-sleeping cities.


- We invite Birštonas residents to share books. Turn a book you read into a new adventure novel, a love drama, or an attention-grabbing detective! Here you will find a bookshelf.
- The neighbor's cake is always tastier. The Cakes Initiative encourages you to dare to serve your neighbors your own branded cake or cookies. The tea will be taken care of by ETNO herbal tea masters.
- Houseplant stop. The fern donated by Aunt is no longer happy? Can you share the offspring of a beloved cactus? Or maybe you’re looking for the first plant for your home? We invite plant lovers to the "Non-Sleeping Cities" houseplant stop, where it will be possible to exchange seedlings or just talk about the care of houseplants.


4 p.m. - Acting education of the studio “Art Alchemy”. Open-air acting games will be enjoyed by everyone who visits, has visited or is just preparing to attend theater groups. The session for students in grades 9-12 will engage you in the magical world of theater. Acting mastery exercises created by professional actors are perfect for a fun time with friends.
Seats are limited. Please register for the session at
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5:00 p.m. - Wind Theater performance for children "About Friendship"
In the performance, based on Aušra Kiudulaitė's and Marius Marcinkevičius' book "Friendship on the End of a Straight", children will be able to see well-known characters in the book. Plant a tree of friendship with them, philosophize over a cup of tea, and escape the rising storm.
Director: Eglė Kižaitė. Actors: Pijus Narijauskas and Karolina Elžbieta Mikolajūnaitė
Age of the audience: the performance is adapted for children aged 3-9
Performance duration: 45 min.
6 p.m. - Concert "Jazz of a non-sleeping city". BIRŠTONAS KURHAUZAS (B. Sruogos str. 2). Vocalist, jazz performer Vytautė Pupšytė and pianist Vytis Smolskas will fill the city of Birštonas with cozy and warm jazz melodies. Concert duration: 60 min.
7 p.m. - Urban exercise "Non-sleeping cities". Let's exercise the body in the morning and the mind in the evening! Do you know Birštonas well? And other Lithuanian cities? Grab friends, neighbors or relatives, put together a team and try your hand at mind-boggling in non-sleeping cities. Fun prizes await the winners. The team can consist of no more than 6 people. Register teams at
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8 p.m. - Review of Aistė Žegulytė's film "Animus Animalis". A taxidermist, deer breeder, and zoological museum worker live in an environment where the line between life and death has become almost imperceptible. It is an archaic world where not only deer and boars are hunted, but also plastic alligator mannequins. While manufactured animal stuffings compete for the most vivid posture and the most realistic gaze, man is still trying to stop time and bring back life to things that are long gone. Duration: 1 hour 10 min. Age rating: N-13