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Event date
2019-10-04 19:00 To 20:30


Genre: Drama
Created by: Lithuania
Distributor: Acme Film, UAB
Director: Tom Vengri
Starring: Severija Janušauskaitė
Duration: 1 hour 37 mins
Cenz: N-13. 7-12 yrs. children must be accompanied by an adult
Ticket price 5 Eur.
Tickets are on sale at the Cultural Center box office from 6 p.m.

Victoria (actress Severija Janušauskaitė) returns from America immediately after Lithuania regains its independence. She wants to show her country, where she spent her childhood, enjoying and loving her child, beyond her Atlantic-born son, Kov. Another goal is leading Victoria to Lithuania - now is the best time to take back her father's land.

What kind of motherland will March see in America? What are the expectations of an American who is just beginning her free life and her relatives are still living in her home country? And what ocean of memories and emotions will flood Victoria's heart?

The past returns to us in many forms. Sometimes it smells like Donald's chewing gum, sometimes it wears Levi's jeans, and it sounds like a platter sent by a good aunt from America, Australia or Canada. The times of giggles, the days of no bananas, are turning into Paradise today - the joys of childhood and adolescence, the first love and sex that nobody talked about at the time, after all, more than deprivation.

Native American director Tom Vengri's feature film "Native" is a glimpse of nostalgia and irony towards the beginning of Independence. It is a film about searching for paradise in the eyes of grown-ups in different countries.

Movie in Lithuanian without subtitles.

Director: Tom Vengri

Cinematographer: Audrius Kemežys

Starring: Severija Janušauskaitė (Anarchy in Žirmūnai, Star, Emilija Freedom Avenue, Babylon Berlin), Matas Metlevski, Darius Gumauskas, Barbora Bareikytė, Viktorija Kuodytė, Dainius Gavenonis, Francis Brazdžiūnas, Linas Ry , Renata Vėberytė-Loman, Valentinas Krulikovskis and others.