Musical Comedy "Five-branched Clover"

The cost of the event
10.00 - 15.00
Event date
2019-12-13 18:00 To 20:00


Musical comedy "Five-branched clover" according to Bali Sruoga's comedy "Five-branched clover"
Director and scriptwriter Nerijus Petrokas
Composer Giedrius Svilainis
Set designer Sergei Bocullo
Video installations by Vesta Obolevičiūtė
Costume Designer Daiva Petrulytė

With the participation of: Edmundas Seilius, Kristina Zmailaitė, Algirdas Bagdonavičius, Kaunas music ensemble Ainiai.

Clover Penthouse, a classic comedy that has been repeatedly staged in theaters, returns on TV screens with a revamped original music performance. The new two-part musical, "Five-branched Clover," cheerfully looks at naive, various-haired crooks who can manipulate human destiny. Musical comedy reveals constant human flaws - stupidity, splendor, greed that have not changed since the beginning of humanity. There are things that never get old and lose their relevance and charm. Such is the case with the new "Five-branched clover", which introduces unexpected and comic turns from today's perspective. Let's think, isn't it about us?

Duration: 2 hours