Movie "To the Moon"

free of charge
Event date
2022-10-31 16:00 To 17:30


Location: Cinema Hall (Building A)

A sullen, impatient and hot-tempered girl named Ane often disturbs her brother Peter, who keeps thinking that he wants Ane to be somewhere else at least sometimes. Of course, the boy does not expect at all that these thoughts of his can come true. Unfortunately, one day it happens: Ane disappears. Terrified, Peter starts looking for his sister, but a talking beetle who calls himself Mr. Zirzal tells him that Anne has been kidnapped by the treacherous Moon Man. Without hesitation, Peter decides to do whatever it takes to free his sister and sets off for the moon.
It turns out that the Moon Man and the Lightning Witch are kidnapping children from all over the world after hatching an evil plan to take over the Universe. With the help of Mr. Zirzal and some new friends, Peter will have to use all his wisdom, courage and ingenuity to defeat the evil Man in the Moon and free his sometimes annoying but very, very beloved sister and the other captive children.