Movie "The Secret: Dare to Dream"

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2023-01-09 19:00 To 20:30


This bestseller by Australian writer Rhonda Byrne, who has become a global phenomenon, "Secret. Inspired by The Secret, the romantic drama tells the incredible story of Miranda's life. Left alone with three young children, Miranda works as a waitress, takes care of her children, and just tries to make ends meet every day. It is not surprising that she does not look at life very optimistically, unconsciously waiting for something else bad to happen. Full description Her complete opposite turns out to be the absent Bray - a mysterious stranger who unexpectedly appeared in Miranda's life. The man is convinced that every person has a secret superpower to attract what they desire into their lives. In other words, Bray believes that thoughts materialize and only what we want to happen happens. Initially skeptical of such reasoning, after several startling episodes, she gradually begins to change her opinion. As she interacts with Bray more and more, Miranda discovers the secret of a different life. But the biggest mystery - the real reason Bray appeared in her life - still lies ahead for Miranda.
Location: Cinema Hall (Building A)