Movie "The Parade"

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2023-03-17 19:30 To 21:00


26 years after the divorce, Migle receives a strange call from her ex-husband. In order to marry his new girlfriend in front of God, Eimantas asks Miglė to divorce him again. Now through the "Church Court" - the only institution that can declare a church marriage invalid. During the long and tiring trial, Miglė and Eimantas become more and more close.
"Paradas" is a comedy by Tito Lauciaus, full of irony and absurd situations. The main roles were played by R. Samuolytė and G. Savickas.
The film is in Lithuanian, with English subtitles.
Director: T. Laucius
Cast: R. Samuolytė, G. Savickas, K. Smoriginas, K. Jakštas, V. Novopolskij.