Movie "ReEmigrants"

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2023-01-06 19:00 To 20:30


When three friends - Arminas, Karos and Dariush - are thrown out of a chicken factory in England as Brexit rages in the country, the young people decide to return to their native Lithuania for a short vacation.
After having a good time and renting a Tesla, they go to visit Dariush's mother. But after the car runs out and the friends are stranded in the fields of a small-town neighborhood, local officials mistake them for Tesla investors. Rumors are spreading in Lithuania about the arrival of three investors from the Tesla company who are looking for a location for a giga factory. Officials try to accommodate them according to all political "traditions". This is where the adventure begins! At first not realizing what is happening, the heroes quickly get into the role and start enjoying all the advantages of the situation. Until things take a different turn...
"ReEmigrants" - in the new work of Kęstutis Gudavičius, the director of the cult comedies "Tarp nųu, boysenkių..." and "Klės sektiņims: benjočai suvržesta", there will be no lack of real male friendship or romance, but everything will be crowned by seemingly endless absurd situations.
Director: K. Gudavičius
Starring: A. Bružas, K. Glušaevs, V. Krulikovskis, G. Glemžaitė, A. Dapšys, A. Žurauskas