Movie "Me Before You"

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2023-05-22 19:00 To 20:30


William Trainor is a gallant, energetic young man who started a successful career as a banker and took life to the fullest. However, all this fell apart in an instant, when William was hit by a motorcycle on the street. After confessing in the hospital and learning that he would never be able to control his body again, the man lost all will to live, became cynic and alienated the people closest to him. But one day, a seemingly eccentric Louise Clarke crosses the threshold of the Trainor home...
Living in a small English provincial town and desperately looking for a job, 26-year-old Louise cannot afford to refuse a well-paid offer to become William's assistant and companion. Completely ignored at the beginning, Louise is determined not to give in to William's gloomy moods and to show him that life is worth living, despite the most tragic circumstances. A new phase of William and Louise's life, full of adventures and surprises, hope and love, begins, which will fundamentally change both of them.
Venue: cinema hall (A building).