Movie "Fortress of Sleeping Butterflies"

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2023-03-31 19:00 To 20:30


The movie "Fortress of Sleeping Butterflies" tells the story of Monika, a wealthy fifty-year-old woman married to a younger man. Everything in their life seems to be ideal - luxurious apartments, a mansion in the countryside, a rich art collection, designer clothes... However, a minor accident in which Monika and her husband Linas fall exposes the tension in the family and the fragility of the relationship. Monika seeks solace in charitable activities - she shelters three prostitutes Gitana, Kristina and Eglė returned from Germany in her estate. These girls, who have tasted hot and cold, show Monika another, dirty, crippled side of life. An ambiguous relationship based on a shifting balance of love/hate develops between Monica and the former prostitutes. For Monika, this care eventually turns into a reevaluation of the events of her life. Monika soon learns that her husband is leaving her for another, younger one, and the destinies of her wards begin to unfold in an unexpected direction.
Although the film is based on Jurga Ivanauskaitė's novels "The Witch and the Rain" and "Placebas", according to the director, it is not possible to film the entire story that fit into the hundreds of pages of the book, so the film will not be a retelling of it: there will be a different ending, a different main story, some highlights will appear in completely different places. "I am very interested in filming something that was not written by the writer," says Algimantas Puipa.

Venue: cinema hall (A building).