Movie "Emilia from Freedom Alley"

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2023-02-15 19:00 To 20:30


"Emilija i Laisvės alėjas" is a drama with a tense plot about the struggle for freedom in Lithuania oppressed by Soviet oppression - in a society where a fuller life seems more valuable than honor, conscience and humanity. in 1972 in the spring, when young people demanding freedom for Lithuania take to the streets of Kaunas, the future actress Emilija, the main heroine of the intriguing drama, steps forward to meet the protesting crowd of her dream life. But things take an unexpected turn. She, who brought perhaps the biggest secret of her life to Kaunas, has to fight not only for her own destiny, but also that of her friends. And the life here itself is far from the one she dreamed of. She is not real or a lie, betrayals and a love struck like lightning will help her to save not only her secret, but also her life. But she will do anything for what she believes in.
Location: Cinema Hall (Building A).