Movie Comedy "Man for Money"

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Event date
2022-01-28 19:30 To 21:00


Genre: romantic comedy. Cenzas: N-13. Duration: 1:44 p.m. Director: Justinas Krisiūnas.

Starring: Justinas Jankevičius, Sandra Daukšaitė-Petrulėnė, Akvilė Vitkūnaitė, Julius Zalakevičius, Aldona Vilutytė.

"Man for Money" is a romantic comedy about love, money and taxes, full of humor and fun misunderstandings.
When a tenacious tax inspector takes on another of his investigations, the success of which can guarantee a managerial post, a charming suspect on the road shuffles all the cards and recalls true values.
The main roles in the film are played by Sandra Daukšaitė and the humorist and host of events and TV shows Justinas Jankevičius, who this time surprised with his excellent acting skills.

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