Movie "10th Cloverfield Street"

free of charge
Event date
2022-10-31 19:00 To 20:30


Location: Cinema Hall (Building A)

The fateful day for Michelle (actress Mary Elizabeth Winstead) was the same as any other - she had no way of suspecting that her life would turn upside down. But that's exactly what happened. After getting into an accident, Mišelė lost consciousness and recovered in an unfamiliar room. Leg bandaged and handcuffed. Where is she? How long has it been since the accident? Who is holding her captive? Michelle's captor introduces himself as Howard Stambler (played by John Goodman). According to him, there was a chemical war that destroyed humanity in the world and his basement, where another guy lives, is the only safe place. But the girl does not trust him. Strengthened, she decides to take action and try to break free. But is Howard really lying? Perhaps an unfathomable horror awaits Michelle on the surface of the earth?