"Mary's Cup" tennis tournament

The cost of the event
70.00 - 120.00
Event date
2022-06-10 To 2022-06-12


Subgroups of men, women and mixed doubles of different levels are planned, the matches of which will be played on 7 synthetic grass pitches in Birštonas. Participants will be able to follow the competition directly or follow the progress in the schedules and scoreboards published on the Internet and on the screens.

TOP division - the strongest male amateur couples (corresponds to HARD level)
Division 2 - Medium Pair of Men's Tennis Players (corresponds to MIDDLE level)
Division 3 - Pairs of beginner men's tennis players (corresponds to LIGHT level, tennis experience up to 3 years)
MIX TOP division - the strongest mixed pairs (corresponds to HARD level)
MIX Division 2 - Medium Mixed Tennis Pairs (equivalent to MIDDLE)
MIX Division 3 - beginner mixed tennis pairs (corresponds to LIGHT level, tennis experience up to 3 years)
Women's TOP Division - the strongest female couples (corresponds to the HARD level)
Women & # 39; s Prelim. Round - Medium Pair (MIDDLE)
Women & # 39; s Prelim. Round - Pairs of Mid-Cap Tennis (up to 3 years of tennis experience)
The same participant can play in two different types of divisions, but not in different level divisions. The number of participants is limited.

The organizers reserve the right to combine different divisions if the minimum number of participants (at least 8 pairs) does not meet.

Registration is open until June 7. 18:00.

Tournament progress:

June 10 (Friday) 15:00 - Men and women
June 11 (Saturday) 09:00 - Men and women
June 11 (Saturday) no earlier than 14:00 - MIX doubles
June 12 (Sunday) 09:00 - MIX doubles