Marijus Petrauskas exhibition "Painting"

free of charge
Event date
2022-03-25 To 2022-04-20


Introducing the artist Marijus Petrauskas, first of all I would like to emphasize that he is a vital, extremely creative personality, implementing his ideas, thoughts, experiences in various artistic expressions - sculpture, painting, photography, jewelry, design, ceramics, graphics. And this is far from distraction or self-search (M. Petrauskas has found himself: he is an honest and non-lying artist - living and creating "from himself", ie from his heart, by his own image), various creative expressions are born faster from vital nature, sincerity and curiosity. For example, his cycle of paintings "States", in which the female body dominates - beautiful, erotic, restless - also betrays the passionate acceptance and passion of life of the author who created it. It is also obvious that M. Petrauskas is an aesthetic, hoping for beauty, even longing for it. He will not call an experiment as an experiment or a one-day play an art.
So he is a professional artist who appreciates and possesses impeccable professional skills and education, but although he is well versed in drawing, painting or photography, he is first and foremost a sculptor and completely obedient to stone, wood, bronze and other materials, perhaps because he combines his creativity perfectly with ingenuity, finding unexpected solutions (for example, some of the latest works “Bird” or “Faces” from the cycle “Anthropomorphic Portraits” created from parts of vehicles).
By the way, in the cycle of works, such as Jazz Man, M. Petrauskas combined photography and painting - with strokes and strokes, supplementing the portraits of jazz musicians, revealing their characters and personalities in a unique way.
However, although he is constantly looking for (and finding) new ways to implement creative ideas, because it would be boring for M. Petrauskas to copy himself, he is an artist of a classical school, his non-traditional solutions are due to creativity or lack of professional skills, as is often the case. happens to contemporary artists. Having mastered drawing impeccably, in painting M. Petrauskas often stops at a landscape created from nature, capturing the visible beauty and not letting the artist's eyes fall asleep.
So this is a wide-ranging artist - classical, traditional artistic attitudes, but able to surprise with very unconventional artistic solutions, and to get acquainted with his creative baggage, one evening will hardly be enough, because from graceful, erotic painted female figures to landscapes or drawings without missing his photographs and heavy - not always sculptures, in which his creative range is extremely wide.