Live broadcast of the play "Batsiuviai"

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2020-11-29 18:00 To 21:00


"Shoemakers" is a performance-vision that balances between reality and absurdity, in which the creators ask what do shoemakers do when they no longer need to sew shoes? There are so many shoes today and they come from so far away - mostly from the Far East, and it seems that just no one needs shoes themselves - like some outdated profession or an elderly person. What are shoes for shoemakers who no longer sew shoes?
Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz, otherwise known as Witkacy, one of the most colorful personalities in Polish culture - a philosopher, art theorist, writer, playwright, photographer, painter, a kind of 20th century. an artist’s benchmark, providing surprisingly accurate insights into today’s reality, showing an astounding ability to broadly diagnose the diseases of his time and the evils of a future age.
The main theme of the performance is the changes in social situations and the individual's personal condition before and after the revolutions - when shoemakers no longer need to sew shoes, they carry out the revolution and take power. They were oppressed and no longer needed, and are now in power, but can they change anything? Or maybe you will also get sick of the spirit diseases of your oppressors? Despite the revolutions, Witkacy diagnoses the cruel truth - the only unchanging elements in everyday life are boredom and dissatisfaction with the current situation. Today's world is similar to the world of Witkacy's "Shoemakers" - boredom, revolutionary mood and dissatisfaction are growing. What revolution awaits us?