Lithuanian State Restoration Day celebration in Birštonas

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free of charge
Event date
2021-02-16 08:00 To 20:00


Birštonas municipality invites to celebrate by decorating the buildings and environment of its houses, institutions, organizations with the flags of the Lithuanian state or the theme of its colors.
Respecting the long-standing tradition, the festive day will begin with the raising of the state flag and the symbolic laying of flowers at the monument to Jonas Basanavičius.

Airmen's club "Audenis", in good weather conditions, will raise the Lithuanian flag with a hot air balloon. You can find more detailed information about the take-off time in the Facebook account of the Audenis Aircraft Club.

On the Facebook account of the Birštonas Culture Center website, Birštonas Farmstead Theater invites you to see a performance based on S. Kymantaitė - Čiurlionienė “Humpback Goat” .

A light installation dedicated to the occasion of the Day of Restoration of the State of Lithuania in the Municipality Square.

Due to security requirements, we do not announce the time of ongoing events in advance.