Lighthouse Between Oceans

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2023-06-26 19:00 To 20:30


After the end of the First World War, tired of the brutality of the battles, Tom (actor Michael Fassbender) gets a job on a remote Australian island as a lighthouse keeper. The harsh waves of the ocean and complete loneliness comfort Tom's dead soul, which, as it seems to him, will never recover. But one day, after sailing to the mainland on business, Tom meets the beautiful Isabella (Alicia Vikander) and feels the joy of life again.
After the soon-to-be wedding, the happy newlyweds live alone on the island, and the only thing missing from complete happiness is a baby. Unfortunately, he leaves his parents too early. In the abyss of mourning, when the winds turned, in a boat brought to the shore of the island by the waves of the ocean, the spouses find a crying baby - a girl of amazing beauty. Tom is determined to contact the police so that they can start looking for the girl's parents, but Isabelle, overcome by her motherly instinct, convinces the man that this is a gift from heaven for them, the answer to all their prayers and desires. Madly in love with his wife, Tom relents and accepts a stranger's baby into his family. However, none of them even suspect what the consequences of this decision will be.
Location: Cinema Hall (Building A).