Lesson (directed by Rolandas Kazlas) Birstonas

The cost of the event
26.20 - 36.20
Event date
2022-04-02 19:00 To 20:30


Rolandas Kazlas invites to the "Lesson" *
The mystery of education, science, culture and health **, teaching drama, comedy, tragedy, therapy and wikipedia *** and other absurdity **** - in the premiere performance "Lesson". Based on a play by the French playwright of the same name, Eugene Ionesco.
The performance is a "Lesson" for those who want to know what chalk they eat (and still eat). In addition to respite and break ... The duration of a 'lesson' will depend on the pupil's or pupil's knowledge, aptitude, willingness or unwillingness to learn and the teacher's mood and patience, which will depend on the pupil's knowledge, aptitude, willingness or unwillingness to learn. ...
And that "Lesson" promises to be fun, playful, interesting and useful - this can be expected, three very unique, interesting actors of different generations will meet on stage: Taura Kvietinskaitė (Student); The expressive actor Audronis Rūkas (Wake-up staff) and the director of the performance creating the role of a teacher - Rolandas Kazlas, who are always able and able to pleasantly surprise. Neringa Keršulytė, the head of the art club, living corner and costume designer.